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The Loving Story: Press Quotes
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"The Lovings became civil rights activists by default: victims of the times, the color of their skin and a willful, wrongheaded judge in Virginia. By accident, more than design, they made history. … In a rich collection of 16-millimeter film, old news clips and still photographs, the Lovings don't look like two people caught up in a cause, they seem like two people caught up in each other."—The New York Times

"Love in the time [of] Jim Crow."—The Christian Science Monitor

"You'll cheer at verite footage of the young and menschy ACLU lawyers Bernard Cohen and Philip Hirschkop, barely out of law school long enough to be admitted to argue before the Supreme Court."—The Awl

"It ranks alongside LET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN in its stark beauty and searing honesty. THE LOVING STORY should win every award given for documentary film, and I know it will have a tremendous viewing audience when it airs on HBO. It will also have a welcome audience in classrooms across the country."—William R. Ferris, Joel Williamson Eminent Professor of History, UNC - Chapel Hill, and former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

"This story about the Lovings' courage and determination is enough to make viewers care deeply about a legal decision-a decision that has particular resonance today, given the ongoing battle for marriage rights for same-sex couples. If a documentary can inspire us to look past the politics and punditry to recognize the humanity of the people our laws demonize, then it has certainly done the nation a service."—Mother Jones

"A great moment in not only Black history and civil rights history, but in American history."—ACLU of Colorado

"Using evocative photographs, newly unearthed footage and interviews with Lovings' daughter and lawyers, the film reveals the power of love to overcome bigotry."—Blackvoices, The Huffington Post

"I've seen your wonderful film! It's gripping, moving, and extremely personal. The juxtaposition between these urban sophisticates and rural domesticity is extremely dramatic. Especially with the paradox that the Lovings are cleverer than the lawyers think. It's not just a story of a forbidden marriage, but of a quiet people who were underestimated by everyone."—Colin Firth, Actor

"...the film provides a unique look at the human side and the legal strategy behind the Loving case."—American Bar Association

"Their desire to simply live together as husband and wife in their home state led to a Supreme Court ruling that overturned Virginia's law prohibiting interracial marriage and declared all such laws unconstitutional. ...Today, we continue the fight for the rights of gays men and lesbians."—Southern Poverty Law Center

"… the 1967 landmark Supreme Court Loving v. Virginia decision that struck down bans on interracial marriage, will impact the legal drive to bring marriage equality for all to this country. Nancy Buirski's wonderful film, using much archival footage dealing with this landmark case, presents a beautiful, quiet but brave Virginia couple-Richard Loving and his African-American wife Mildred-who, because they were married, could not live in their home state. The other upfront heroes of this amazing story are the two young lawyers who persevered to bring the case to the top court and finally get anti-miscegenation laws throughout the country overturned. THE LOVING STORY, which deserves a spin in theatres, will provoke a re-think of what marriage really is."—Film Journal International

"The extensive archival footage and interviews with Cohen and Hirschkop does allow for a clear-eyed, easy to follow discussion of the various legal entanglements the duo had to overcome in order to bring the case to the Supreme Court. Thus when they explain the importance professionally for them of being able to argue in the highest court of the land, you feel the triumph with them. Also aiding in the legal portions of the film are unedited audio from the hearings, which allow for Virginia's defense of their law to come through in all its ignorant glory."—Indiewire

"The parallels between the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia and the fight for marriage equality today are undeniable. ...'They were in a community [in Virginia] that not only tolerated their marriage but really fostered it,' attests filmmaker Nancy Buirski, a straight woman who is well aware that many LGBT couples and families live in communities whose mores may not be aligned with those of their states. 'It reminds you what it means for the state to step in and tell us what to do with our personal freedoms.'"—The Advocate

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