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Films & DVDs Released in 2021
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Fall 2021 Releases
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  • Film Still

    All About My Sisters - Qiong Wang boldly explores her family history and relationships, and how they intersect with the ongoing consequences of China’s one-child policy.

  • Berliner Ballade - Some months after the fall of the Berlin wall, Chris Marker shot this passionate documentary, reflecting the state of the place and its spirit with remarkable acuity.

  • Blue Helmet (Casque Bleu) - François Crémieux served as a French UN peacekeeper near the Bosnian town of Bihać. He never saw combat, but he was left deeply shaken by the experience.

  • Gorbachev. Heaven - An interview with former USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev, one of the most influential figures of the last century, whose rule heralded the end of the Soviet Union.

  • Prime Time in the Camps - Chris Marker's documentary about a group of Bosnian refugees who produce their own news show inside their camp.

  • Painted Landscapes of the Times - An energetic exhibition of the art of Sue Coe which communicates the artist's passionate cry for justice in a troubled time.

  • Film Still

    Prism - Three filmmakers collaborate to explore the history and current day ramifications of photographic film favoring white skin.

  • Putin's Witnesses - Examines the early life of Vladimir Putin and the political machine that brought him to power.

  • Suzanna Andler - Based on the Marguerite Duras play of the same name, Suzanna Andler is the portrait of a woman trapped in her marriage to a wealthy, unfaithful businessman. She must choose between her conventional destiny as a wife and mother, and her freedom, embodied by her young lover.

  • Le Navire Night - Marguerite Duras investigates new possibilities for the cinematic form by drawing out relationships between people who never actually meet.

  • Film Still

    Ziyara - Documents how an Arab country and a Muslim society continue, against all odds, to take care with grace and innocence of a millennial Jewish heritage after the departure of most of its Jews from Morocco.

Spring 2021 Releases
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  • The 317th Platoon - A platoon of French soldiers and Laotian allies fight their way through enemy territory and dense jungle to meet up with their compatriots as the Indochina War grinds to a halt.

  • Film Still

    All the World's Memory - An exploration of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris by French New Wave director Alain Resnais. Newly restored!

  • Bamako - Directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, BAMAKO is both a courtroom drama and portrait of everyday Mali life.

  • Delphine's Prayers - A portait of Delphine, a Cameroonian woman who turned to prostitution to support her family.

  • Film Still

    Devil in the Flesh (Le Diable au Corps) - In one of the most controversial Italians films of the 80s, Raymond Radiguet's classic novel is updated to modern times.

  • Directing Actors - How Jean Renoir gradually guides an actress into the essence of her role.

  • Downstream to Kinshasa - People in the Democratic Republic of Congo travel via boat to the capital to demand reparations for their injuries incurred during the Six-Day War.

  • The Goumbé of the Young Revelers - In Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, the Association "La goumbé des jeunes noceurs" holds regular reunions to host a variety of events, including dance, exhibitions and concerts. A short by Jean Rouch.

  • Film Still

    Guernica - Uses the famous painting by Picasso to bear witness to the atrocities of the Spanish civil war and fascism. An early short by Alain Resnais.

  • Le Crabe-Tambour - A squadron commander suffering from an incurable illness searches for an old comrade from Southeast Asia.

  • Lost Course - In the village of Wukan, corrupt officials illegally sell villagers’ land. An unprecedented experiment in local democracy.

  • Paris Calligrammes - Artist Ulrike Ottinger resurrects the old Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Latin Quarter of 1960s Paris.

  • Paul Gauguin - Paul Gauguin's life, from Brittany to Tahiti, is illustrated by his paintings and extracts from his diary. An early short by Alain Resnais.

  • Film Still

    Six in Paris (Paris vu par) - Six short films about Paris by filmmakers including Godard, Rohmer and Chabrol.

  • The Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord's cinematic analysis of consumer society based on his influential book.

  • Tribute to Alfred Lepetit - A breezy short mockumentary with an all-star cast paying tribute to a behind-the-scenes superhero.

  • Van Gogh - Alain Resnais charts the life and spiritual odyssey of one of the great modern painters purely through use of his paintings. Newly restored!

  • Film Still

    What If Babel Was Just a Myth? - The societies that populate the heart of the African continent form such a mosaic that it is not uncommon to meet villagers speaking six to seven languages. But how much longer will this last?

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