In Harmony

From The Distrib Films Collection

Directed by Denis Dercourt

90 minutes / Color
French / English subtitles

Marc (Albert Dupontel) is an equestrian stuntman. After being traumatically injured in a serious accident, he loses all hope of ever getting back on a horse. Florence (Cécile de France) works for an insurance company and is in charge of Marc’s case. Although they have nothing in common, their brief interaction will impact them in more ways than they can imagine.

"Charming!" —Radio Times

"Thanks to a taut script and two stunning, nuanced performances, this is a tense, unconventional love story." —Chicago Reader

"A well-crafted, keenly-observed, uplifting work." —French Cinema Review

"The human and equine stars are magnetic." —The Guardian

"A poignant, warm film with moments of humour."The Arts Desk

"This unconventional love story is a heartfelt gem." —The Mercury

"Dercourt's approach is refreshingly unsentimental, and the stars give nuanced and committed performances." —Video Librarian

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A film by Denis Dercourt
Starring Cécile de France and Albert Dupontel


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