No Date, No Signature

From The Distrib Films Collection

Directed by Vahid Jalilvand

104 minutes / Color
Farsi / English subtitles
Release: 2017
Copyright: 2017

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In No Date, No Signature, acclaimed director Vahid Jalilvand, winner of Best Director prize at the 2017 Venice Film Festival, takes on a gripping psychological drama of morality and class dynamics in contemporary Iran. Forensic pathologist Dr. Nariman’s car accidentally injures a motorcyclist’s 8-year-old son. He offers to take the child to a clinic, but the father refuses his help and his money. A few days later, in the hospital where he works, Dr. Nariman learns that the boy has died under suspicious circumstances. His existential dilemma: is he responsible for the death, or did the child die of another cause, as the autopsy suggests? It’s a study in ethical nuance, filtered through class consciousness. Jalilvand coaxes brilliantly understated performances from a superb cast for this compelling, considered meditation on guilt and grief.

“Lensed with great sensitivity and style and superbly acted! The film is a visual pleasure.” —Hollywood Reporter

“A handsomely made, exceptionally well-played drama.” —Variety

“Every aspect of the execution on display here posits Jalilvand as among Iran’s most assured directors to have emerged in this decade.” —

“A taut, neorealist tale of guilt and morality in the tradition of groundbreaking Iranian filmmakers Asghar Farhadi and the late Abbas Kiarostami.” —The Boston Globe

“Everyone’s convincing yet understated performances create a compelling narrative that explores the ethics of several people from multiple angles.” —Digital Journal

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A film by Vahid Jalilvand

Select Accolades

  • Winner, Best Director and Best Actor, Venice International Film Festival 2017
  • Winner, Gold Hugh Award, Chicago International Film Festival 2017
  • Winner, Best Screenplay, Stockholm International Film Festival 2017
  • Winner, New Directors Competition, Chicago International Film Festival 2017
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 2017
  • Filmfest Hamburg 2017


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