In Place - Just In Time Training

Directed by Dr. Thomas Pomeranz

240 minutes / Color
Release: 2015
Copyright: 2014

Best Practice Strategies for Maximizing Staff Performance: In Place - Just In Time Training. 6 Episodes on 3 DVDs!

Developed and presented by Dr. Thomas Pomeranz, a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities, this session is designed for supervisors, managers, clinical staff and staff trainers who hold responsibility for the competence of Direct Support Professionals.

Dr. Pomeranz will detail through role playing and story telling how the four coaching strategies of modeling, supporting, prompting and celebrating can have a demonstrable impact on Direct Support Professional's performance. This session explains how In Place - Just In Time Coaching allows supervisors to refine protocols, increase staff motivation and enhance the quality of work life for the staff and most importantly the quality of life of those supported. Additionally, Dr. Pomeranz explains how In Place - Just In Time Training can create a collegial environment and infuse a team spirit. The session addresses the coach's role in the area of age-appropriateness, individualization, accessibility and meaningful engagement. Dr. Pomeranz uses high-quality graphics, humor and his 35 years of experience to engage his viewers.

"This weekend the men have planned a picnic and they are helping with the shopping, etc. Our 2nd shift staff members have really embraced the 'nothing about me, without me'. On Monday, the men are attending a 'Danger' indoor arena football game in Grand Island. A resident led his annual IPP meeting this week and he talked to us about what was important to him and for him. It was his best meeting since I have been here. We will chronicle our changes as you suggested. I am so excited about the future and we will be undaunted by challenges and the 'underground'. Thank you for invigorating us and helping us see things from new perspectives! You are awesome!"Nebraska DHHS, Lincoln, NE

"Thank you! Thank you! Your presentation probably the best I've heard in 25 years of being in the field."Peoria ARC, Peoria, IL

"I had participated in the American Self-Advocacy Program and I know that the things you shared are the same as what the people with disabilities told me they wanted. We have a lot of work to do."Chautauqua Resource Center, Jamestown, NY

"Wow" says it all! The best trainer I have ever heard - I learned. I was inspired and energized.Behavior Associates, Owensboro, KY

It will help me be more aware of both myself and the support staff to give the people we serve more control in their environment and their lives. He gave us excellent tools for coaching which will be easy to implement and will ensure staff assist in an appropriate manner."UCP of Utica, Utica, NY

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Seven sessions of training providing skills and education on some of the most important concepts of community inclusion.

Dr. Thomas Pomeranz | Color | English